fantastic Drejø

Relaxing, bathing, island hopping

Drejø is located in the South Funen Archipelago in the Danish Baltic Sea and has a rare and fantastic nature. Many birds breed on Drejø, there are wild, white deer, rabbits, swan babies on the island’s own lake, sheep, wild herbs and many flowers. Drejø has a steep coastline and many beautiful walking routes, clean and secluded flat sandy beaches and an old port that is approached by sailboats. On Drejø live only 65 permanent residents
and there is little tourism, much peace, naturalness and the time seems to stand still. Farms sell their own vegetables, eggs and home-grown produce along the way. The island can be explored on foot or by bike and you can go around it by kayak. The surrounding islands are ideal for day trips and island hopping. The beautiful town Svendborg is only a ferry ride away.